How the Colour you Wear Effects those around you.

Whether you wear colour or not it has an impact on how you feel and those around you.  

A personal stylist will do a colour analysis which determines the unique colours for that client's skin tone.  This is done not only to aid the client in choosing flattering colours for her skin tone but it will also give the client a good idea of the effect the colour she is wearing will have on those around her.  For example, Navy Blue is a better colour to wear to a meeting if you would like interaction if not then Black would be the better choice at this is a harder firmer dominating colour that demands attention.

Every colour affects us differently, below I have given some suggestions of colour, how it should be worn and the effect it has on those around us.

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If this interests you and you would love to know more about a colour consultation and how you can take 10 years off by wearing the right colours then you can follow the link HERE and read more about this service.

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